Insurance Information


Sessions may consist of:

  • Initial evaluation/assessment (45 minutes)
  • Psychotherapy (45 minutes)
  • Medication evaluation & adjustment will be incorporated into psychotherapy sessions if needed

Your insurance plan may compensate you in full or in part for your visits to me.  Like many psychiatrists, I am "out of network" and require payment from you at the time of service.  I can prepare a bill for you to submit to your insurer, who may then send you a check for all or part of your expenses if you qualify.

These six questions will help determine if your insurance plan will compensate you for all or part of your expenses:

1) Do I have "out of network" mental health insurance benefits?
2) What is my mental health deductible and has it been met?
3) How many sessions per year does insurance cover?
4) What month does the coverage end or begin?
5) What is the coverage amount per therapy session?  These are codes they may ask for:
  • 99213 + 90836
  • For remote sessions, -95 is added to each code.  
6) Is approval required from my primary care physician?

Please be aware that while seeking psychotherapy does not require a "medical necessity", seeking compensation from an insurance company does.  This means that you must qualify for (and receive) a mental health diagnosis if you would like insurance to cover psychotherapy visits.  Your insurance company also may ask for significant personal information about you and your symptoms in order to decide how much treatment it will compensate you for. 

Please contact me for further information, including current pricing.

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